Asset visibility,
digitally connected.

Coriel’s connected technologies let you identify, locate, track, monitor and share data about your assets.

Our solutions provide intelligence on plant, vehicles and equipment. Goods, products and components. Even people on the ground.

Knowing what, where, when and how lets you reduce costs, mitigate risk and maximise optimisation.

Discover agile asset data reporting to drive your digital transformation with Coriel.


Turnkey transformation.

Digital Transformation is a challenge to business; it’s essential to fully understand the operation environment, objectives and barriers that exist.

Because every business is different, “Out-of-the-box” solutions rarely provide real value. That’s why our RFID and IoT sensors, data systems and software are all developed and integrated in partnership with clients. By maintaining vendor and technology independence, Coriel guarantees the best available turnkey IoT solution, with the fastest optimum return on investment.

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