TrakStar-100 RFID Reader

The TrakStar-100 is the latest addition RFID Reader for the DcTrak RFID suite



TrakStar-100 RFID Reader

TrakStar-100 tested at high speed

TrakStar-100 adopts and integrated design: that is to say, everything is in one compact box, but despite the compact design, TrakStar-100 is a truly powerfully RFID device and has been tested in most challenging environments. The IP67 rated enclosure means that no additional enclosures are required, simply mount the device using the pole or wall mounts and you are ready.

TrakStar 100 RFID Benefits

  • Rapid deployment reducing labour costs
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Rugged low maintenance design
  • Multiple communications options
  • Can operate as a complete RFID system
  • Fully configurable RFID event capture engine
  • Resilient to power and data outages

This device enables users to deploy a complete RFID interrogation zone, quickly and simply. The powerful RFID module and high-gain circular polarised antenna will enable effective tag reads at ranges of up to 10mts*. Like all of our devices, the TrakStar-100 has our embedded DcTrak Intelligent Software Engine (ISE) and web technology enabling users to configure tag capture events directly in the device. 30GB Internal data storage will allow for many thousands of events to be captured and stored. 

DcTrak does not stop there: many more features such as system diagnostics and reporting, automated alarms and alerts and even an anti-tamper system enables the device to operate in either a stand-alone or as part of a wider solution build.

It uses low power and can operate from direct power, batteries supported by solar modules. Data can be transmitted by Ethernet connection, wireless or even using the embedded GSM module. 

TrakStar-100 RFID Features:

  • Robust high power RFID device.
  • Rugged IP67 Enclosure
  • Fully configurable RFID via intuitive web interface
  • 30GB On-board data storage
  • Embedded sensors detecting movement and vibrations
  • Multiple GPIO ports
  • Options for Ethernet/WiFi and GSM communications
  • Embedded DcTrak ISE

TrakStar-100 is a versatile device ideal for many business process applications. Contact Coriel for a demonstration of the device and to see how TrakStar readers can bring benefit to your business.

*Performance subject to operation environment, RFID tags and application.