Sports MP3 Player

When our friends at FX-Sport approached us with their plans for a Sports MP3 player we accepted the challenge. The 4 layer PCB on the right measures just 30mm in diameter and incorporates not just one, but three microprocessors! One the top side you can see a DSP based HiFi quaility stereo codec and a dedicated NAND Flash microcontroller. On the the bottom side there’s a 32 bit PIC and an 8GByte NAND Flash.

When plugged into a PC or MAC the MP3 player charges and appears as a conventional 8GByte flash drive. It has a USB 2.0 High Speed interface so that music files (and everything else) syncs at the highest possible speed. When unplugged it becomes an advanced MP3 player with a built in virtual trainer and even virtual athletes that you can pit yourself against.