RFID Event Management Software

DcTrakTM is Coriel’s solution suite that makes RFID easy by delivering a fully integrated environment comprising of intelligent smart interrogators and state of the art software.   Our smart reader range go beyond a traditional RFID reader, offering on-board event analysis, high capacity 30GB data storage, smart wake-up via on-board sensors, event alerting and diagnostic reporting.  Combined with our intelligent web based user interface users can start “in the box” and expand “out the box” as their RFID enabled operations increase.

Our IP67 Interrogators can be used in harsh environments and offer custom modularized data interfaces via wired Ethernet, WIFI or GSM mobile communication channels.  DcTrak™ web based report and alert engine provides customers with the data the need, and the comfort of a fully working operation 24/7.   DcTrak™ is the intelligent gateway to offering a fully customizable adaption to support your existing business processes and seamless integration with your existing IT systems.

Coriel – making sensing, RFID and wireless technologies easy !!

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Read how DcTrak is being used to support maintenance of railroad rolling stock.