Rail AVI Systems

Rail AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification). As the use technologies such as remote condition monitoring in rail continues to grow, the demand for a solution to accurately identify rail assets has increased.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) provides a very effective solution to provide accurate vehicle identification and its application globally has continued to grow. Reading RFID tags in a rail environment has challenges and Coriel Systems has developed an end to end solution to ease implementation and operate flawlessly.

Our solution uses DcTrak as a data management system and our latest TrakStar Series smart readers. Unlike many off shelf RFID readers the TrakStar series incorporates: RFID technology, superfast data processing, data storage and sensor technologies; all provided a single environmentally protected IP67 case. This unique design reduces installation time and connection difficulties.

DcTrak is managed via an intuitive and fully programmable user interface which can be customised to meet individual customer requirements and integrated into back office systems.

CorielSystems have an effective and proven solution for Automatic Vehicle Identification. Contact us today to learn more about our rail solutions.

TrakStar Smart RFID