ARM ePaper Controller

This particular design of ours uses an Epson EPD controller to drive a medium sized 5″ display with an 800 x 600 resolution. This was one of our first ARM designs and uses an NXP Cortex ARM M0 which needed a good deal of code ‘shoe-horning’ to fit in more fonts than originally planned.

This was for an automotive application so also features a CAN bus interface and was all powered from a 24v supply.

EPD displays are great for low power applications that don’t need to change very often. The resolution is superb and they don’t need a backlight. We still have the screen in the photograph with the same image over a year since it was last powered!

We’re also experienced in driving LCDs, OLEDs, TFTs and Touchscreens so whatever your display driving requirements, get in touch.