RFID Encoding Solution – TagStar

RFID Encoding Application

Tag-Star RFID encoding made easy!

The use of EPC Gen 2 RFID tags is growing exponentially. Retailers and Industries are adopting this technology to manage inventory and assets. A successful system is one with read performance of close to 100% but as the application of tags grows, it means that your systems could be exposed to many third party tagged items. These tags will inevitably slow down your solutions and reduce efficiency.

Whilst you can freely write data to a RFID tag, good practice is to ensure that the information on your tags is unique to your business. The GS1 EPC (Electronic Product Code) Guidelines offer a system to ensure your products; assets and other items are uniquely encoded. This means that your system is able to effectively filter any tagged items that are not of interest to you. Other benefits mean that you can share your data with third parties; such as suppliers, in a way that the supply chain knows what it is looking at and who it belongs to.

Encoding assets is the single most part of any solution that requires absolute integrity – if your assets are incorrectly encoded, and then all of your data will be flawed.

Identification of assets for returnable transport items (such as roll-cages, totes, containers, boxes, etc.), assets (such as laptops, server blades, generators, IC Pumps, etc) and serialised products (such as components, parts, etc) are unique and correctly encoded in accordance with the data standards.

Coriel has teamed up with Nordic ID – a leading provider of RFID Hardware to produce TagStar. TagStar is a solution for mobile devices and desktop encoders to enable tag encoding without headaches and errors. TagStar will walk unskilled operators through a process from the creation of data through commissioning to data recording and recovery.

If you have a requirement to encode assets, inventory or other items contact us today for a trial of TagStar.