RFID at more than 230 km/h!

Coriel team at high speed RFID testing.

Coriel Team at high-speed RFID testing.

Reading RFID tags in a exterior environment can be challenging; add items moving at extreme high speed and at long range,  the challenge increases. A user application requires a RFID system that is able to read passive UHF RFID tags at between 3 (9ft) and 7 mts (21ft) range and at speeds of up to 200 km/h (125 mph). Passive UHF tags are not powered and as a consequence, all of the energy needs to come from the RFID reader via the antenna.

To meet this challenge, we decided to test the application using our new TrakStar-100 RFID device. The TrakStar 100 is the “baby brother” of the 400 series and is packaged as an integrated reader, antenna, processor all in a IP67 enclosure. The robust design made this ideal for the exterior application and the powerful reader module would provide long read range.

The venue for the testing was Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground – Bruntingthorpe provided us with runway sufficiently lengthy to perform controlled and safe tests. The typical British spring weather – heavy rain; also contributed to an application specific environment.

The test vehicle was fitted with a range of RFID tags from Omni ID and Confidex and markers were positioned at the target ranges of 3mts and 7mts from the TrakStar reader. For security, particularly considering the conditions a professional driving coach, Don Palmer, to control of the test car and we commenced runs at speeds of 200km/h. The system performed perfectly with 100% of the tags being identified. Further tests we performed to establish operation limits but even at speeds of in excess of 230 km/h and ranges up to 10mts we still secured reads with the larger RFID tags.

TrakStar series readers are versatile and powerful devices which designed for a range of business operations. The readers include:

  • Long-Range RFID Reader
  • On-Board Processor
  • Up to 30GB Solid State Memory
  • IP67 Rating
  • Intuitive Web User Interface
  • Optional GSM / WiFi Connectivity
  • Low Power

Check out this cool video of the trials:

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