DcTrak Certified by GS1 UK

GS1 Certified Solution

Coriel’s innovative RFID solution has now been certified by GS1.

GS1 Is a not-for-profit organisation working to make UK organisations more efficient by getting everybody speaking the same language when it comes to locating, transporting and trading goods. After all, life’s simpler when we all have the same information.

They using unique numbers, for global use which makes the reliable identification of products and assets possible. We are one of 108 GS1 member organisations across 150 countries, and operate in multiple sectors and industries. To increase supply chain efficiency, the flow of goods and information can be automated by using our standards with:

Our standards are the most globally used supply chain standards with over 26,000+ members using them in the UK.

DcTrakenables automated identification of RFID tags. Complete solution including an RFID interrogator, handheld application and on board database. For more information on using RFID in your business, please contact Philip Leslie.