Coriel Launches Tag-Star, a RFID encoding solution

RFID Encoding Application

Tag-Star RFID Encoding Application

Correctly encoding RFID tags is one of the key areas that causes significant concern to stakeholders in any RFID projects -and rightly so! Errors during coding of tags can lead to catastrophic failures in data integrity. Errors such as: writing to the wrong tag, incorrect configuration of memory banks, passwords, poor data structures and incomplete coding, are commonplace.

To eradicate such errors: many customers order pre-encoded tags from suppliers which is helps but also adds cost in both acquisition and process management (e.g. ensuring correct tags are placed on correct items) – this is particularly sensitive if items have more than one tag, e.g. common in returnable containers. Replacing damaged tags is also a challenge for the same reasons.

Coriel have developed Tag-Star as a solution to solve these challenges and allow clients to take ownership of this most important task in any solution deployment. Tag-Star allows users to pre-define the data structure using a simple web service and use this information to correctly encode RFID tags without errors.

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Typical RFID Tags

Typical RFID Tags