Returnable Transport Items

Let us ask you a question.

Do you know where your transport assets are?

Containers, bins, pallets, cages, totes, trolleys, trays. The unsung heroes of the supply chain. Compared to single-use packaging, RTIs offer a cost-effective and sustainable way to transport goods. This can be appropriate to the large or small scale, whether transporting items across the warehouse or across continents.

However, the benefits of RTIs are only maximised when they are managed effectively.

RTIs may encounter many different individuals, companies and countries throughout their lifetime in the supply chain. Owners and operators often face challenges in tracking these important assets. To address these challenges, companies spend large amounts acquiring additional RTIs and personnel to manage them.

There is another way.

IoT (Internet of Things) for Returnable Transport Items

  • RFID-enabled tags and readers allow for automation of data capture and manipulation during the product receipt, dispatch, delivery and operational processes.
  • Wireless Sensors for advanced condition and location monitoring.
  • Management software to deliver the above data in a real-time graphical view.

RTI owners and operators stand to gain from the improved flow and visibility of inventory, with benefits that include:

  • Improved loss and damage prevention
  • Decreased labor costs related to asset tracking
  • Faster adaptation to challenges and new conditions, such as new customers, processes, and extension of supply chains
  • Reduced risk of non-availability of RTIs
  • Better identification of bottlenecks and leaky areas of supply chains
  • More accurate billing and improved customer service

The overall size of the RTI pool may be reduced due to more efficient management, potentially freeing up significant capital and leading to a fast return on investment.

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Case Study: Close Brothers Brewery Rentals

Coriel recently delivered an RFID project for Close Brothers Brewery Rentals. The application of RFID to the rental of beer kegs and casks demonstrates how the technology is becoming more feasible for high-volume, lower value RTIs.

To learn more about how Coriel understood and delivered the solution, read the case study.

Case Study: SmartDrum

Coriel have developed a solution for Marlin industries, a business that supplies industrial cable drums. SmartDrum® was developed in close association with customers and uses industry recognised RFID standards to automatically capture essential data, providing a solution to the management of both the expensive cable drums and carried material.

To learn how SmartDrum® is helping Marlin Industries Ltd, read the case study from GS1 UK.

Coriel have also developed a range of off-the-shelf products:

  • The TagStar Pro hand-held RFID encoder. Write without headaches. Read More
  • The TrakStar-100. A truly powerful RFID reader. Read More

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