Digital ePaper or EPD displays are commonplace in applications such as eBook readers but they have many exciting commercial applications such as Smart Shelf Labels, Identity Badges or other industrial products. EPD are great for low power applications that don’t need to change very often. The resolution is superb and they don’t need a backlight. We still have the screen in the photograph with the same image over a year since it was last powered!

Driving ePaper can be a challenge – firstly getting hold of the design information can be a long winded and tortuous process and secondly it’s notoriously complex to drive from both hardware and software points of view. Our experience can shortcut your efforts to bring a project to a successful conclusion.

In addition to ePaper we are experienced in driving LCDs, OLEDs, TFTs and Touchscreens display driving requirements and can guide you to the best solution for your application.

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