Automation and Manufacturing

Manufacturers stand to benefit from the Internet of Things. RFID Tags, Wireless sensors and GPS trackers are capable of providing extensive real-time information on work-in-progress goods.

RFID tags or Sensors can be attached to items, pallets or containers with the purpose of tracking products through production, reporting data as required at critical stages.

The read/writable nature of RFID tags means that lot number, location, timestamp and other features can be tracked with a much greater level of accuracy, timeliness and detail than previous alternatives.

Therefore, it is not just the IoT system itself, but the data collected as a result that provides value to manufacturers.

IoT-enabled manufacturing data can allow users to:

  • Link operators, tasks and equipment to track quality, security and safety
  • Pinpoint production bottlenecks
  • Advanced condition monitoring of materials and tools
  • Create historical logs for fast and efficient recall
  • Control, modify and reconfigure production steps based on inbound materials and assemblies.
  • Bridge the gap between the production floor, manufacturing execution systems (MES), and resource planning systems.

Some manufacturers build up inventory to handle unforeseen circumstances, or because they do not have an accurate representation of their work-in-process inventory. IoT-based solutions can greatly improve inventory visibility and tracking, aiding the pursuit of an organisation’s goals for lean and just-in-time manufacturing.

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