Alstom Transport Partner with Coriel

Alstom Transport partner with Coriel to provide the RFID solution for their innovative condition monitoring system – HealthHub. This technology uses a range of scanning technologies to effectively manage rail assets. RFID Technology was chosen to provide a highly reliable solution to automatically identify the rail vehicles (AVI – Automatic Vehicle Identification) and trigger the HealthHub scanner to perform operations.

The solution comprises of RFID tags fitted to the underside of the train and our TrakStar400 smart reader mounted between the rails. Sensitive vibration sensors detect the train approaching from more than 20 metres and “wake” the reader to perform vehicle identification. Our management software DcTrak processes the information and sends data to Alstom’s systems. The same device triggers the HealthHub and also performs system diagnostics to ensure high levels of availability.

RFID Is proven as an ideal technology in asset rich industries such as Rail and a number of trials and deployments are ongoing.

To discuss how RFID could potentially increase visibility of your assets, please do not hesitate to contact Coriel.