Why use Coriel?

Coriel is flexible, providing independent advice and guidance to support and deliver your IoT-based project

Every project is different and each of our customers receive a package which is fully tailored to their requirements.

Coriel is vendor agnostic­, meaning we don’t have a preferred supplier or partner

We believe that finding the best business solution is not about any single technology nor preferred suppliers. It is about the most appropriate technology for your scope and budget.

Coriel is technology agnostic, meaning we always look for the most suitable technology, whatever your IoT application

Whether you seek support for your own engineering team or require a complete project design, prototype or field-ready IoT solution, Coriel can help.

A selection of our services includes:

  • Project feasibility & planning
  • Project requirements capture and scope
  • Electronics design
  • Schematics capture
  • PCB layout
  • PCB redesign and modification
  • Bill of materials generation
  • Management of Prototype manufacture
  • Embedded firmware development
  • Application (PC & Mobile) development
  • RF Technology evaluation
  • Product verification and validation against design specification
  • Product design documentation
  • Manufacturing build documentation
  • Contract manufacturing support
  • On-going product support and product updating

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