IoT Solutions

Coriel are experts in delivering IoT-based solutions for a range of industries. Coriel is vendor and technology agnostic, meaning we always look for the most suitable technology, regardless of previous suppliers used.



Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ever-growing network of internet-enabled physical devices. We offer a variety of products and services based around the management of assets.



Find out about our work with case studies, product datasheets and instruction manuals available on our resources page. Coriel has extensive experience in applied technologies such as RFID, electronics design and software systems.

  • “Having worked now with several electronics design companies, we can safely say Coriel is the best. Coriel designed and optimised the electronic board on our product, as well creating the firmware. The board especially was not a simple task, with space and power constraints. Both firmware and board have proved reliable and resilient. They are currently helping us with further upgraded versions and we are working on a new product with them. They are a team of outstanding individuals who are excellent innovators and trouble shooters. Extremely easy to work with and we will continue to do so.”- Duncan Walsh – CEO FX Sport
  • “I have worked with Coriel on a number of outsourced embedded electronics projects. Each time they approached the projects with commendable professionalism and enthusiasm. The Coriel design time worked with engineers from the respective internal development teams to ensure that the original design brief were correctly understood and were sufficiently detailed to fully capture the project requirements. Coriel then delivered the project to those requirements, communicating progress and accommodating change requests along the way. The Coriel team have an excellent mix of technical and commercial skills and go the extra mile to ensure the project delivers.”- Richard Fletcher - Ramtech Electronics Limited
  • "We have worked with Coriel now on several projects where they provided a service that was not within our core skill set. They are a highly competent team who work beyond expectations meeting tight timescales and every project was delivered within budget."- Judd E. Heape, VP Product Applications Apical Inc.
  • "You guys have been awesome, so glad we found you and I'm looking forward to our continued collaboration."- Darren Lock (Via Linkedin), Close Brothers Brewery Rentals